Sworn translation

Sworn translation is a specialised kind of translation that consists of translating from one language into another certain texts that have or may have legal effects for an official institution. This kind of translation can only be performed by a certified sworn translator. In its work, the sworn translator certifies the veracity of the file and that the content of the source document is translated properly and fully into another language. The translator certifies it legally.

Sworn translation can be used to support the translated information as the translator takes responsibility of the translation with his or her signature and seal.

The need of this kind of translations appears by requirement of different institutions (Minister, Court, Academic institutions, etc.). These bodies, Spanish or foreign, require the translation to be sworn.

But not all translators can perform a sworn translation (it is compulsory to be a certified sworn translator) and requirements vary from one country to another depending on which one needs the documents. In Spain and for Spanish documents, the sworn translator must have a titulation by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs. This titulation acknowledges that such person is legally capable of performing translations from a foreign language into Spanish and vice versa.

It must be taken into account that the person who signs a sworn translation must have a solid background that allows him or her to understand all the information of the document. That is why the sworn translator must be an expert on the subject, as well.

There are many texts that require a sworn translation: contracts, commercial agreements, wills, fines, powers of attorney, academic certificates, official claims, etc. These contents must be translated, signed and certified by a very concrete professional: the sworn translator.

MC Traducciones counts on a great team of sworn translators certified by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, authorised to authenticate the veracity and accuracy of the translations. We also offer services of sworn translation in the rest of official languages in Spain.*

These are some examples of sworn translations that we perform:

  • Sworn translation of contracts.
  • Traducción jurada de acta de nacimiento y defunción.
  • Sworn translation of birth and death certificates.
  • Sworn translation of marriage certificates.
  • Sworn translation of sentences.
  • Sworn translation of diplomas.
  • Sworn translation of statutes.
  • Sworn translation of public deeds.
  • Sworn translation of anual accounts.
  • All kinds of administrative documents.
  • Criminal record certificate.


*As the number of sworn translators for some languages is scarce, the deadline and cost of these sworn translations will depend on their availability.

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