Translation agency in Madrid

At MC Traducciones we have a team of more than 150 people that offers sworn translation services to companies and individuals. We perform translations into every language for all kind of documents by translators that are legally recognised by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Sworn translations

We perform various types of sworn translations: contracts, minutes, certificates, judgments, diplomas, statutes …

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Illusion and professionalism

Dedicating all our efforts to treat each project as if it were the only one and guarantee its satisfaction

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Adjusted Dates

We provide a quality translation service, coordinated and adapted to the client and with a smooth communication.

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Mc Traducciones is a company with an extensive experience in the sector and a team of more than 150 highly qualified professionals. The service we offer is a sworn translation of any document in any language, aimed at individuals as well as multinational companies. All our translators are legally recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which certifies our level of quality.

Professional translation and interpreting services in Madrid

But it is not all in the translation of the text. As specialists in the sector, we know that a correct translation has several phases that must be respected if we want to achieve an optimum result.

Interpreting is a detail that should not be underestimated in a job done by a specialist. The translator will be the one to apply his or her personal criteria through the guide data offered by each of the paragraphs of the text in particular and the general meaning of the entire article on which he or she is working. The context, for example, is one of the syntactic elements sine qua non when deciding on the meaning of the translation. It is then that the interpretation completes the translation.

When translations are carried out without taking into account the structure of the text, its context, without establishing parallels with the semantic macro and micro structure, what finally happens is sentences without meaning, since they do not have coherence and cohesion. These elements are essential for the receiver to decode the message correctly.

Official translators in Madrid

At MC Traducciones we have several branches in the most important cities in Spain: Alicante, Córdoba, Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastián and also in Madrid. As we have a team of specialists, all translations are carried out in record time and with the required quality. We offer professional translations of documents in the following languages:

  • English translations
  • German translations
  • French translations
  • Chinese translations
  • Finnish translations
  • Japanese translations
  • Spanish translations
  • Romanian translations
  • Arabic translations
  • Portuguese translations
  • Dutch translations
  • Russian translations
  • Catalan translations
  • Basque translations

Translations for companies

Translations for companies must be of high quality, requiring that every detail is correct. If the right word is chosen, the translation is the right one and the way of interpreting it is the right one. On many occasions, there are those who decide to carry out their translations automatically and without paying too much attention to the quality of the final work, but this is essential for obtaining a quality product, always maintaining the semantic sense of the text.

Automatic translations carried out by machines cannot clarify either the context or the meaning of a sentence and that is when problems arise in the text. These details denote the poor quality of the translation and can have a negative impact on the final work. If it is not of high quality, it is not a professional product that detracts from the value of the document and serious problems may even arise. When you are looking for serious and professional translations, the ideal thing to do is to turn to professionals such as MC Traducciones so that there are no communication errors and the client can decode them correctly.

Specialised translation company

The MC Translations service can be the answer to a multitude of problems that arise from poorly done translations. The specialised linguistic professionals who work in our agency give the correct semantic meaning to the text, so that the margins of error that may arise are 0%.

Hiring professionals will make the difference in the final quality of the text and will allow an efficient communication channel to be established with unrestricted feedback.

Our commitment

The foundation of our philosophy is:

  • Quality
  • Seriousness
  • Experience
  • Personal treatment
  • Punctuality
  • Confidentiality
  • Quickness
  • Confidence
  • Professionalism
Agencia de Traduccion en Madrid
Agencia de Traduccion profesional

Direct contact with the costumer via the ONLY INTERLOCUTOR is fundamental for us. Our relationship with the customer is direct, personalised, quick and easy. We do all we can so that our client does not have to handle anything.

We rigurously meet delivery deadlines. When we receive an order, we agree with the client the day and time to deliver the translation

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