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Marketing and advertising today have different means to reach potential customers, but their importance for companies has not only not diminished but they are investing more and more in it. For this reason, in order to translate advertising content into other languages, the work of specialised translators is necessary.

Advertising should not be reduced to the objective exposure of the services or products offered by a company, but rather to try to meet the needs of the client by touching the points of pain and offering solutions. To achieve this, the translation must not be done literally or artificially, but must be adapted to the culture and feeling of the target audience.

Translation of advertising texts

In order to help you through the whole process, MC Traducciones has experience in managing marketing projects. Having specialized translators who are accustomed to using specialized language, the translation uses a precise but natural lexicon to convey the message correctly.

The discipline of marketing seeks to maximize the profits of the company. Through different strategies, an investment aims to attack a specific target and gain new customers or the loyalty of existing ones. In this sense, the language used in the ads that are published must be appropriate to the format or medium. Therefore, it is crucial for the translator to take it into account in order to adapt it to the characteristics of reception.

In marketing, persuasive language seeks to generate feelings in the potential user, whether the need for a service or product or improve the concept of brand you have. To do this, the materials to be translated are aligned with the company’s branding strategy and use words that move the user.

MC Traducciones has a wide experience in managing advertising translation projects and that is why we are able to transmit the message to other languages perfectly. Normally, creative campaigns have a long way to go and seek to optimise the advertising potential of the company to the maximum, so targeting the translation to someone who does not have the knowledge or experience necessary to convey the meaning of texts and images can lead to the absolute failure of the campaign.

Putting the translation in the hands of a specialised agency is synonymous with success, as not only is the original intention of the marketing material maintained, but it is also reformulated in such a way that it remains effective in the target culture. There are marketing strategies that do not work if the texts are translated word for word.

Our translators have a high level of marketing knowledge and solve linguistic difficulties thanks to their training and specialisation in the field of advertising. If you want your marketing materials to be just as effective in another language, contact MC Traducciones and we will explain how we will manage your project in an agile and professional manner.

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