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MC Traducciones is a company specialized in texts on health and medicine. Our experience in this field allows us to use the exact lexicon required by the contents of these characteristics.

The team of professionals is accustomed to dealing with this type of text, so we control the specialized language and can transfer it to the target language. This is the only way to make translations that are faithful to the original and understandable to the target audience.

The importance of a good medical translation

Today’s society feels a need to take care of itself and feel good, hence the cosmetic industry is experiencing an explosion. On a commercial level, numerous products have appeared with the aim of improving our quality of life, so there are market needs that companies seek to satisfy. To do this, different documents must be translated, from professional content to health recommendations, so it is essential that they are formulated with a correct record.

Similarly, health and medicine are two key pillars in our lives, and one prefers to read all the information about them in one’s own language. The pharmaceutical industry generates large revenues from the sale of medicines, and this is thanks to the internationalization of brands, which do not hesitate to present what they offer in different languages.

Without a doubt, in case you need to handle a text of these characteristics in several languages, it is advisable to resort to a specialized agency such as MC Traducciones. The management of multilingual projects is complex enough not to entrust it to professionals. Don’t waste time and trust us.

Translators specialising in medical technical texts

Obviously, the information handled by these specialized texts is quite sensitive, so transferring it to another language incorrectly can have serious consequences. A bad translation of the posology or of the possible side effects would be really harmful.

In the same way, when it is necessary to explain the functioning of medical instruments, to do it faithfully with the original prevents bad practices and minimizes the negative impact of a bad management of the indications.

Although some people attach importance to a good translation, all texts related to medicine, health and cosmetics have a direct influence on people’s well-being. Therefore, contact MC Traducciones to avoid generating incorrect phrases. At the end of the day, the repercussions that can take place are fatal and you should not give up a text of guarantees because you want to save a small amount of money by not opting for professional translators.

We have specialized glossaries and dictionaries that allow us to manage medical translation projects quickly and efficiently. The daily handling of this kind of texts means that we are up to date with the latest developments in this field, so we can use precise and up-to-date terminology. This is the only way to obtain medical translations adjusted to the original language in all aspects.

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